Our unique Water Lily venue

Our Water Lily provides a spectacular and unique experience at Scotland’s premier events venue. This contemporary venue provides a stunning setting for any event.

Simply idyllic

Nestled on an island, the Water Lily provides a backdrop of natural beauty that seamlessly blends with the celebrations within.

A perfect wedding venue

Due to the beauty and charm of the Water Lily it is the choice for all wedding ceremonies at the Vu.

Makes any event memorable

The Water Lily can be adapted to fit the unique vision of each celebration, creating a personalised and unforgettable experience.

There is nothing like the Water Lily

A stunning location

Situated on a purpose built island in the middle of our fresh water reservoir the Water Lily offers 270 degrees of uninterrupted views across the lush countryside and rolling hills of the Scottish central belt.

Due to its impressive elevation and picturesque setting the venue offers an enchanting location for any event..

Beautiful interiors

Spectacular design

This architectural gem boasts ceiling-high windows that frame the landscape. Not only do they flood the interior with natural light but they also provide a breathtaking view of the surroundings.

A single decorative ceiling support at the rear of the venue creates an almost unbroken space for your wedding or event, providing room for a maximum capacity of 160 guests.

The Boudoir

Both our wedding venues feature a quiet “boudoir” area.

This small anteroom is designed to offer the couple a quiet area in which to prepare themselves and if required offers them an area to change into a new outfit for the evening.

Inside the boudoir there is a couch to relax on and plenty of mirrors. The boudoir also provides a space to store all those presents that you’re bound to collect on your big day. It’s small touches like the boudoir that help to demonstrate how far the Vu strives to give you the perfect wedding.

Book a personal tour

Arrange a personal tour of the Vu, including the Water Lily.

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