The Oasis

A contemporary, customisable events venue. The Oasis can be tailored to your needs and is perfect for an unforgettable wedding reception, social event or corporate event. It promises an experience that transcends expectations.

Top design and location

A beautifully designed and furnished venue with full height windows which provide amazing views to the west over our reservoir.

Contemporary and spacious

The Oasis offers something truly magical for up to 200 guests (up to 280 by special arrangement).

Beautiful surroundings

A stunning location

Uniquely nestled by the serene shores of our tranquil reservoir in the heart of the Scottish countryside, this exquisite venue provides an idyllic setting for a myriad of celebrations.

Its picturesque location, embraced by rolling hills, creates an enchanting backdrop that elevates any occasion. Guests can revel in the beauty of nature, providing a refreshing contrast to the vibrant energy within.

Wonderful design

A beautiful interior

The Oasis offers a large, versatile space with high ceilings. Its expansive interior is adorned with tasteful décor, reflecting modern elegance. The ambiance is heightened by the lighting which can provide soft, romantic hues or lively bursts of colour.

The venue also features a fantastic sound system and an LED dancefloor, adding a touch of glamour and excitement, setting the stage for many memorable moments.

Adaptable for you

Versatile and flexible

The Oasis can be separated into two distinct spaces, providing flexibility for hosting two events simultaneously or tailoring the setting to meet specific requirements.

From intimate anniversary celebrations to grand wedding receptions, the venue effortlessly accommodates many diverse needs and preferences.

Impeccable service

A professional team

Our dedicated team will work tirelessly to ensure that every aspect of your event runs seamlessly, from planning to execution.

Our culinary offerings are equally impressive, with a diverse menu crafted to suit various tastes and preferences.

The Vu can also recommend a DJ service to help your guests dance the night away.

The Boudoir

Both our wedding venues feature a quiet “boudoir” area.

This small anteroom is designed to offer the couple a quiet area in which to prepare themselves and if required offers them an area to change into a new outfit for the evening.

Inside the boudoir there is a couch to relax on and plenty of mirrors. The boudoir also provides a space to store all those presents that you’re bound to collect on your big day. It’s small touches like the boudoir that help to demonstrate how far the Vu strives to give you the perfect wedding.

Book a personal tour

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